Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It has been a while!

I haven't been here in quite some time. Almost a year! But I am back. So much has happened. Let me tell you about it!

I had 2 of the most beautiful baby girls. Yes, twins. Fraternal but none the less twins. Sophie Marie and Chloe Therese. I have one exam left before I have completed my Certificate in Photography. Become addicted to Pinterest! Bought a mini van! And yes, continuing my studies for what I love the most. Well, second after my family. My photography studies. Taking another class, watching tutorials and waiting for the right time to purchase my new Canon. I am also in the progress of becoming an LLC. Very exciting!

So as you can see I have had a busy busy year! And with shoots coming up, the holidays, and just life in general its only getting better!

I am hoping in the next year I can say that I am truly a professional. My new site is going up as the last one has been a sort of test for me. (And I love the result!) My career change will never be easy but I love what it is bringing to me. I look forward to all my upcoming sessions and new and old clients.