Sunday, October 23, 2011

Muddy Boots

When I got home tonight my boots were muddy. Covered in ocean water, sand, and well, just plain mud. Normally, I would be upset. But the dirt and leaves stuck to the bottom of my cozy boots was completely worth it today. I am lucky to say that I get to do what I love to do. And today was a testament of this. I had real Italian meatballs (like my Nana's), delicious pasta, cider doughnuts, and fresh cider. In two completely different locations and scenery. I met so many wonderful people today and enjoyed conversations with some of the funniest people. From ages 4 months to 70 years old, I laughed and I almost cried at one point.
From checking the map with Kane at Cider Hill Farm to watching Marty make goofy faces in almost every photograph in Gloucester, I loved every moment given to me today.
What I realized on my way home is how unbelievably lucky I am. So many individuals work and despise their jobs and/or bosses. I love my bosses. I have tons of them. They are all happy to see me, want to work with me, and love the end result. How many people can say that?
I would only change one thing I think. I need more hours in the day. 
After spending several hours with Doreen's family, I got emotional when several of her family members gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. It made me realize how much I miss my family and how much more they will treasure their family portraits. And I took alot of family portraits. I hope mom and dad have lots of wall space in their new home.
And then off to Cider Hill Farms to meet with Nicole and her adorable family. I was so excited when Janice sent me a message that she was coming too! Apples, pumpkins, and portraits with 2 of the cutest little boys. Kane, stole my heart with his toddler lysp, sweet disposition, and checking the map. Liam was the sweetest pumpkin in the patch! And what made it even better, was everyone sitting at the end, eating doughnuts fresh and covered in cinnamon sugar. Still warm from the baking process. I never felt like I had to sell anything, I didn't once have to force a product or a service.
These are my favorite days. I hope they never end.